Power Saving Modes

Does anyone have any tips for power saving settings on a computer that do not affect the performance. I want this not only for prolonging battery life, which is important, but also for my desktop. I have already set my computer up to minimize the programs that fire up when i start it up, but many of the power saving modes also drastically reduce performance.

  • There's not really a good way except for undervolting your CPU if it allows it. It will reduce the voltage reaching your processor, and therefore reduce temperatures.

  • There's not much that you can do except to undervolt your CPU, or set up custom profiles through something like Asus Armoury Crate.

  • Undervolting as already mentioned here is really one of the few actions you can take to save battery without having effects on performance but it is the most complicated one and the only one that could cause you a problem if you make a mistake. There are some simple steps you can take too though like turning down screen brightness, turning off keyboard lighting if you have it, turning down the max fps in game as well as turning down your monitors refresh rate in windows, and optimizing the graphics settings in game. All these should help when on battery. 

  • Don't leave the charger cable connected past 100 and overnight.

  • Undervolt CPU  to disable the performance boost on power plan

  • Set up screen saver when unused