New Year's Resolution

 Do you have plans for 2024, What will be your New Year's Resolution?

  • I will start, locally traveling more there is a lot of thing I will love to see Locally.

  • I plan to further my career to better provide for my family. I want to be better at networking and educating myself more. I figure as a side benefit I would be able to fund my gaming hobby a bit too. 

  • I will prioritize my mental health in the new year coming.

  • Never really made a resolution. But maybe finally use the art supplies I have bought over the years (and read the art books I have bought). Also read more in general. 

  •  3840 x 2160 pixel LOL

  • Aside from the typical "lose weight", "be more active", "save more money", etc... honestly, I want to recover more of my evening gaming time! Work has slowly taken over my evenings.

  • No plans for New Years. Safer at home. No resolution as of yet. 

  • More biking, more books, more gaming, less "stack of shame" 

  • To travel more in the new year. Need to complete some bucket list items!

  • Go back to school for my 2nd Master's degree