What do you think the best vehicle simulation game currently avabile? in terms of stuff like accidents,your vehicle breaking and just things what would happen when you drive on the road in real life.

For me its personally Euro Truck simulator 2,that game is purely a gem. the way the game reacts to you and the enviorment feels so good and realistic. like your tyres wear out,you meet up with accidents while on the road,a ton of mods to make your experience better and god its perfection. not to mention the way ai cars react.

  • Ima have to say GTA V.  I just had to say that.   Seriously though, GT Sport.   Probably only cause I haven't played the latest on PS5 yet.

  • I'd have to say Gran Turismo. Every iteration of that series seems to come closer and closer to reality. Even the first one, with its PS1 graphics is an amazing representation of "driving feel".

  • Forza series with a racing wheel/setup! Plenty of custom features you can turn on and off like weather, damage, and shifting!

  • I have never played it, but I heard great things about Euro Truck Simulator 2

  • You should really get it,on sale its only 5 euros! what a bargain!

  • Assetto Corsa is without a doubt the best racing simulator. Its physics are absolutely on point, and is generally a fun game to play with a controller or wheel.

  • ACC is definitely a great game for sim racing!

  • Forza games are pretty accurate, especially the new one that came out, it had great reviews by driving simulator gamers.