Shoping for consoles this Christmas? Which and why?

Was wondering what people were going to be buying for this holiday.

if you were buying gaming consoles, xbox, PlayStation or a new laptop, which would it be and why?

Perhaps you have a game in mind but dont have the system to play it? Or are you just looking to gift yourself or someone you love an upgrade?

Personally for me i have eyes on a new controller (mine broke ;_;) and the series x as baldurs gate has been screaming my name and i will explode if i can't saranade mr octo lord...ahm.

Anyways. Holidays are here share your plans we wont tell! Hehehe

  • Switch! Mainly because my nephews would want one

  • I'm thinking of buying a Switch so I can play the new Zelda game.

  • Man i do need one...but i hear the stores over priced alot vs content

  • I'll probably buy a Gamebody of sorts. I've been wanting one for a bit and am looking for some nostalgia.

  • But zelda f i forgot all about its on my wishlist again noooo

  • Gamebody? Like a gameboy? Ive been wanting to try out a vr but too scared ill get nausea and never use it thus wasting money..but half life sure is tempting

  • I'm thinking about getting the PlayStation portal, but I heard very mixed thoughts on it, but I guess time will tell.

  • I realllly need to upgrade my laptop. The one I want and need is high-end too!!

  • I want a ps5, a switch, meta quest 3, a handheld PC or a gaming PC. I don't know which to get. Any suggestions?

  • Really like the new handheld pcs