Free Mini Biome Legion Wallpaper!

Here's a mini biome space-themed wallpaper for everyone. Enjoy!

Click the attachment below for the full image, then right-click and "save image as":

legion_world.png MagView

  • Very cool! What software did you use for creating this?

  • Very well done! I'll definitely be saving this!

  • Affinity Photo

  • Thanks, a very attractive and imaginative wallpaper!

  • wow very cool Seth! Like the look of this one. thanks for sharing!

  • I enjoy these wallpaper posts. What's the software that's used to make these? 

  • Thanks for the wallpaper! Very cool.

  • Another cool wallpaper to add to my collection, thanks! I’m loving the variety in color palettes of the wallpapers lately. It provides some new looks for my desktop.