What was the best gift you have ever received? 

  • My wife, Laura Lee

  • Got my mom's Poniac Firebird when I got my drivers license.

  • My Sega Genesis. I got it for my birthday one year and freaked out once I opened it up. I still remember asking my friend who had gotten one before me, "so did you play as Sonic or Tails," and it blowing my mind when he said "both, at the same time, whatever sonic does tails does too."

  • Man...I don't mean to sound cheesy, but living as far from family as I do, I just like getting to be around (most of) my family...

  • My best gift was life, by my mom the first time, then I was given another life 15 years ago; this time by a doctor.

  • My son! After spending years married to my first husband and no luck with having a child, I was finally blessed with my son we got divorced and I moved on with someone else who was able to give me the child I always wanted.

  • Nintendo 64 for Christmas as a kid. The video where the kids go crazy pretty much captures the feeling, not sure we were as intense as those kids though.

  • When I was around 12 or so in the early eighties I loved getting a Daisy 880 BB/pellet rifle. More recently, 5 years ago my brother and his family gave us a Nintendo Switch and several games. Both are memorable in their own ways. 

  • The gift of Jesus Christ!