Loving the influx of the Live Action Adaptions?

With the success of the One Piece Live Action from Netflix, do we love the hype around other popular live-action adaptions? Naruto live action was announced recently, and Avatar the Last Airbender will air early 2024. I feel as long as the series says somewhat faithful to the original medium, it should be at least entertaining to watch. What's everyone's thoughts? Or other adaptions you're hyped about?

  • Hopefully the new live action Avatar will be better than the last movie done in 2010.

  • Yeah Netflix has been killing it with live action adaptations for a while. My favorite is the Witcher series but there are a lot of good ones on the platform some also being live action movies. I liked Bleach and Full Metal Alchemist if you haven't watched them and are enjoying One Piece. I would love to see a live action Afrosamurai series, Ninja Scrolls or Samurai Champloo series. I am pretty sure Netflix is doubling down on bring anime series to live action. There are a lot of good graphic novels that would make for good live action too. I really like the stuff Netflix makes which is why it really stands out as the best streaming service.

  • Live Actions are always bad in my personal view. Some hyped fans like it just for the sake of having more content from their beloved franchise, but it is always bad.

  • I loved One piece live action, I hope avatar is as good. I will say bring it on I love live action.

  • I believe that with most live-action adaptions, it usually comes down to hit or miss. I've seen some promising live-actions like One Piece, and I've seen others that have turned out to be flops like the first live action attempt at The Last Airbender. I definitely agree that those which have proven successful are the ones which stick to the source material a bit more than those which go a different route whether to cater to certain types of audiences. I'm looking forward to seeing the upcoming Last Airbender, but only time will tell if it'll be good or not.

  • With a budget like Netflix I had higher expectations for the one piece. Liked it but could have been better. 

  • Not a huge fan to be honest. Usually there's one good lve action and then everyone jumps on the bandwagon and that's all that;s produced for ages.. and they're usually terribe. But that's just my opinion

  • I've not seen any. Not really looking tor them either. But happy some are finding them enjoyable. 

  • Somehow these "live actions" are either great or a flop; nothing in between.  Really depends on how well it's done, and audience expectations.

  • I am.   I liked One Piece enough to be looking for more after the season was over.   First I have heard about Avatar.   The cartoon was great back in the day.   I'll have to watch it.