Happy December and Happy Holidays!

 Happy end of the year! This is the last month of the year so what are your plans this month? Christmas shopping still? Visiting Family? Putting up decorations? Hanukkah? New Years plans? Let's hear it! 

  • I'm heading home on the 18th to see family, wrap gifts, and eat a lot!!! I was just home for Thanksgiving, so we did a bunch of the decorating before I left 

  • I'm going to visit my family!

  • Still shopping for sure. My wife is the hardest to buy for but we are both just alike if we want something we just buy it. 

    will definitely be seeing family on christmas and maybe some fireworks on new years. Not so sure about that though my neighbors have horses and I don't want to disrespect them by popping off exploding fireworks and scaring the horses. A lot of people are like do what you want its your property and yes we can legally do whatever we want where i am from when it comes to fireworks but i know jt would scare the horses and just dont want to be rude. I mean I am an animal lover so it goes a long way but we will see maybe ill just ask if its ok. 

  • Happy holidays! I’ve got family stuff planned for Christmas Eve and day. Besides that it’s just any other month. 

  • My shopping is almost done.  Just a few little things left to get.  Almost everything I have is wrapped.  Still need to put up the tree, decorate, clean out my son's room for his homecoming from the military in 2 weeks!  I will also be making cookies (hopefully) and a million other little details that I swear I won't get done, but I always do.  And I still want to have time with family.  Always a juggling act to get everything done!

  • Sadly probably work. Much like we did last year, we do have a tree to put up though! Sadly plans are going to car work because timing is great lol ill save for for next year though!

  • Thank you. The same goes for you! We all need that rest right now.

  • I don't know what we're doing for Christmas Day. A few of the Saturdays are continuing to clean out my grandma's house (still alive just in assisted living, and was a bit of a hoarder). 

    Probably get a tree in the next week or so, and decorating that.

  • Family gathering at my home!

  • We’ve got our tree and decorations up! Most of the shopping is done and I’m looking forward to Christmas movies with my family and some baking. I’m also planning on more gaming time when I’m off work.