Worst gift you have ever received for the Holidays?

What’s the worst gift you have ever received for the Holidays?

  • I was once given a bottle of wine that tasted very similar to turpentine. Did work great on refinishing the one bookshelf. 

  • An expired gift card.. I was about to tell my friend but i just let it go

  • Copierman11 hit it right on the nail. A non active gift card.  Go to eat at the restaurant then go to leave and pay with the gift card and bam it doesn’t even work

  • I was a dancer so my mom's cousin got me Disney princess gloves cause "they're pink and she's a dancer so she must like pink!"  I very much dislike the stereotype, generally dislike most shades of pink, and the gloves were the little kid kind with the princesses in plastic raised on the back preventing the stretch.  They were sized for a 5 year old.  I was 14.