Best Moments

What was the best moment in your life?

  • The best moments in my live were the berth of my kids.

  • Securing a PS5 back in November of 2020 literally had me shaking in excitement.

  • THE best moment in my life was when I was given another life by the angels of Saint David's hospital! I'll never forget that experience.

  • The day my son was born!

  • So far in my life, I would probably say getting my first job back in the day or back when I graduated from college. Both great feelings to have. 

  • Graduating college with a bachelors degree in Game Art!

  • The birth of my son. Getting to feed him for the first time in the hospital was a bit surreal. Now he’s 10, hard to believe it’s been that long. 

  • I was able to get my Microsoft Certication after many failed attempts 

  • My best moment was when my son was born.

  • I would always say tomorrow. Take every day as a gift