Thoughts on Companies Offering Freebies / Giveaways / Contests / etc.

Does anyone have any strong feelings (or not so strong ones) on companies that offer freebies / giveaways / contests / etc., to folks that engage with their content, follow them, etc.?  Like, does it increase your loyalty to that company or make you want to be a consumer of that company?  Do you just enter for the sake of maybe winning?  Or do you just pass them by?

I ended up here for the sake of a giveaway (but actually really like how engaged this community is).  For me, if Lenovo wasn't a reputable brand, I'd not have taken the time to go through a forum registration, replies, etc., just to potentially win something.  I personally like Lenovo's approach of using Gleam - it seems to track entries easily, allow for easy entry without many additional actions (other than forum registration, in this case) - follow a page, like a post, engage with a post, etc.  But I'll just pass the ones by that have full essay requests, photo posts, video posts, sign up and comment on a blog post, etc.

  • I have very strong feelings towards freebies.  I love the freebies and especially the giveaways.

  • I don't feel strongly either way. I think the point is to drive users to the community. in the end it's a number game, there are a few really knowledgeable users and by incentivizing them to come to the forum everyone benefits and encourages all members to stay engaged.  

  • I love freebies and giveaways. They make me like companies I'm already buying and have introduced me new ones. I prefer food freebies and tech giveaways. Even a small sample of household items like soap or cleaner is a perfect way to try before buying.. pair it with a coupon, and you have a buyer.

    1. I am totally up for the giveaways! I enter nearly 100 different contests daily. I think it is smart for a company to do them because it drives people to click & visit their different platforms, websites, sponsors,  etc. The more daily entries, the better! When I had a VPN, the Gleam portals would not open, telling me to turn off my VPN each time. I don’t like the essay or photo to enter type giveaways either. (If it is for a car or a cruise or something big then I will make the extra effort for an email enter & occasionally mail-in options if that is all there is short of making a donation or buying a product to earn entries. I prefer them to be easy to click to enter with daily options to re-enter and Without the strict 24 hour countdown til next entry. Past midnight is a new day.
  • I appreciate companies who do honest giveaways. If the giveaway is similar to the ones Lenovo does I feel it can generate positive word of mouth advertising for the company. I don’t care for giveaways that require me to daily share on all social media platforms and bug my family and friends. Participating in this community is fun and following a company on a few platforms is fine with me. It has definitely caused me to have a much higher opinion of Lenovo. 

  • I don’t mind freebies at all from legitimate sites like Lenovo.

  • All the tasks have been pretty easy to complete and they use Gleam. It works. It gets our attention and keeps bringing us back. I have become more familiar with the Lenovo name since joining the site. I am thankful that they do anything at all. 

  • I think anyone likes winning, however like OP not all are willing to bend over backwards to get a marginally increased odd/entry. However it’s 100% beneficial for companies to have giveaways as a marketing strategy to increase brand visibility, engage with their audience, and attract new customers. It's a way to create excitement and generate positive buzz around their products or services.

  • Such things can foster positive engagement with a company. I'm all for it.

  • Depends on the quality of the freebie. For example, I like Lenovo computers very much before learning about these monthly giveaways & the communities around them. Now my esteem for Lenovo soared -- very high quality, high value products given monthly. 

    On the otherhand, I've little to no use for bric-a-brac , kitschy promotional items that are so commonly districuted to get one's brand name out there.