Favorite genre

I'm a big metroidvania fan myself. 

  • Action Adventure is my favorite Genre.

  • I am a big have of rogues. 

  • I used to play FPS shooter games all the time but now I'm really into Adventure. Give me an open world game and I will be distracted for hours just exploring it.

  • RPG for the win and game that feels like movie (Kojima games)

  • I love RPGs and traditional turn-based (Pokemon, FFX, etc) Those are my main two i can't really choose since i like both a lot.

  • Action-adventure, things like the Assassin's Creed games, and Red Dead Redemptions. 

    Also some RPGs like the Pokemon games, and MMO (only Star Trek Online).

  • I am really bad at picking favorites, so these aren't necessarily my favorite genres but I really like RPG's and rogue-likes. Skill trees make my brain go bRRRRRRRRRRRR. It just depends on the kind of mood I'm in, cause I like playing just about everything except for MOBA's and strategy games.