Guesses on BG3 Xbox release date?

In 2 days, we'll be watching The Game Awards where the Xbox release date for Baldur's Gate 3 will be announced. I'm hoping it's on Series X ASAP. What's your guess?

  • My prediction is that it's sometime in February....

  • To Game is to disconnect.

  • That would be a big bummer, but worth the wait.

  • i would say march 1st

  • Counterpoint: I'll die if I have to wait that long.

  • My prediction is that Xbox will put it on GAMEPASS in almost a Mea Culpa--I mean think of it, it's coming out a bit later and it's been a big source of irritation. What better way to bring it to the platform late than to have it on GamePass? It's not like it's day one, so most PC players who were going to buy it already have it. I think it's a big win-win for Xbox and Larian.


  • Is Balders Gate 3 co-op? I never played any of the other games but it looks pretty cool though. I just don't want to get it if it's single player only. I thought it might have been more like online co-op like Diablo4