One game leading to another

Have you ever had one game you played lead to another game? I don't mean for instance playing Gears of War 3 so you had to play Gears of War 4. I’m talking about a completely different game. It can be the same genre or not but different game. 

In my case I began a heavy OverWatch addiction which led me to meet some awesome people and get super into Call of Duty WWII with them running battlegrounds and just on my own. 

  • Playing with the kids, one Mario game led to the next Mario game that led to the next one....

  • I'll play co-op games with friends. Last month wrapped up playing Generation Zero, a FPS. I said to let's try something completely different. Now we're playing Elder Scrolls Online. 

  • Yes, Started playing Tom Clancy's The Division, that got me playing all Tom Clancy's Game, that got me playing all FarCry, and that got me playing all Assassin's Creed.

  • I played EverQuest starting in 1999 and played for a number of years. I didn’t really read a ton about World of Warcraft until it was in Beta and I signed up. When I tried the beta I decided to switch and play WoW even though I still loved EQ. It also led to me playing several other MMOs for quite a while. 

  • I recently went through a mini-tour of FPS games from the 90's like this. Started with Wolfenstein 3D, moved to Doom, then Quake, and finally Half-Life. Only planned to actually play Wolfenstein : )

  • More along the lines of playing one genre leading me to play another game into a completely different genre for a change of pace.

  • Yeah, that's usually how it goes for me too. Get hooked on a genre and leap frog from there

  • Vampire Survivors has definitely led me to discover a bunch of similar games over this past year.

  • My addiction to EverQuest ended up with an addiction to World of Warcraft. :D