Thoughts on GTA VI's trailer and it's release date.

I just saw that finally GTA VI was announced, but that it is planned to be released some time in 2025. The trailer looked kind of interesting but I'm wondering if they did a trailer too early for when it's releasing.

It's hard to build up excitement around it when the release date is over a year away, but I know people have been hoping for GTA VI for years. Does making a teaser for something with a release date that far in the future usually go well? Do you think they may have made a mistake? What are your thoughts on it?

  • I read that it's likely the 2025 date is to account for pushback, for example they have planned release for November ish 2024 but could be February 2025, the game has been in the works for 10+ years, these devs want everything perfect before release.

  • I'm fine with the game getting pushed further back if it's needed.  I would rather have a finished and polished product than a messy and broken game early. 

    It doesn't seem that early since we are basically at the end of 2023. 

  • It’s possible they weren’t planning on releasing a trailer quite yet considering its release date but decided to after a trailer leaked.

  • Better a game is released finished then a buggy mess. And as with any trailer without game play it's all pageantry. 

  • Well, I waited this what's a tad bit longer. With 10+ years in the making, I'm really looking for "Wow".

  • I wonder if the leaked footage from a while back had anything to do with the trailer's release. 

  • I like this initial trailer and I think it helps build excitement about the game, even if the release date is 2025. They may release more trailers in 2024.

  • As the saying goes, a delayed game is eventually good, a rushed game is bad forever (paraphrased).

  • And that mentality needs to be kept due to the trend of releasing unfinished games, hopefully they release it without unreasonable issues

  • Yeah, I was going to mention this, especially due to the traction the leak was suspected to get. I have a feeling that they'll release more content/media down the line to pull everything together