Name Gaming Industry Awards That Should Exist

You're Developing Your Own "Gaming Awards". What award categories would you include to differentiate your awards from others? What categories do you think are unsung (overlooked) but deserve recognition?

  • best beginer game catagory

  • Best Retro Revival: Awarded to a game that best brings a classic or retro game into the modern era, either through remakes, remasters, or spiritual successors.

  • Best realistic graphics

  • Best retro games of the year! It could be a full set of awards just like Steam's  but rating games that were tagged as retro gaming.

  • Best game for groups. Everybody loves a good time with friends.

  • Best Retro Revival sounds like a good one to me.

  • Best remake/remaster; best innovation in game mechanics; Best Original IP

  • Film industry has the Razzies (worst in film).  What about an entirely different set of awards for the worst games?

  • Best puzzle game.  How are we not awarding brilliant games like The Talos Principle 2?

  • Best stealth adventure