What do you guys think the game will bring to table & what’s the most thing your exited about in the new coming gta? 

  • It's looks fine but I'm still over the series and the trailer doesn't do much to change that

  • Dont really know much until we can finally see gameplay.

  • Really looking forward to how big the map is going to be, they say its a whole state.  If this is true, it can be potentially four times the size of GTA 5.  It gets me so hype.

  • GTA experience is always unique in its own way, just hopefully the pricing wouldn't be too crazy

  • Looks like fun. Leaning very hard into the Florida Man memes in the trailer, hopefully it keeps that. Look forward to feeding people to Alligators like you can in RDR2.

  • I love how its in Vice City again! Hoping they bring back the empire builder game! Can't wait to meet the new characters and the crazy cameos!

  • I think what the game will bring to the table is basically GTA 5 but literally better in every single way. More functionality, better graphics, triple size the map, and the list goes on. I hope this game is not going to be a let-down! 

  • Other than how AMAZING it looks I think i need to see more before i can be totally on board. I wanna see gameplay and the map/ areas since we only seen a little. We probably won't see much more until like mid to late 2024 if it's coming out late 2025.

  • My honest opinion is that I can't even bring myself to care enough to watch the trailer.  GTA5 was so profoundly disappointing that it killed the series for me, despite loving all the prior games.  I should specify that I'm as interested in the story and writing as I am in the gameplay, and the GTA series always offered expert satire in that regard until 5 where they replaced the subtlety requisite to effective satire with a narrative sledgehammer.

  • I've always thought they had really good stories so I hope this new one lives up to that and the gameplay outside of the story I think should be pretty good also