What are your favorite retro consoles?

Also, what are your favorite games for that console? Would love to learn some hidden gems I've never heard of!

  • I've always been fond of the original Nintendo but that's what I grew up on.  It's a shame you can't play Duck Hunt on new tvs.  You have to have an old tube tv.

  • Original NES for me and Super Mario Bros 1,2,3. alltime favorite i would say!

  • Super Nintendo was great, bought it when it first came out. Final Famtasy II was an addiction for me as well as Secreat of Mana for co op fun. So many great RPGs and shmups! 

  • The Nintendo is my favorite.

  • That's a tough one because I've owned every single console that was released starting from the Atari. I loved them all. A few of my fav retro game though to name few because I have so many are the following. Altered Beast, Golden Axe, Streets of Rage, Ikari Warriors, Guerilla War. Life force. 2 games that come to mind that started the whole interactive choice and decision making were Night Trap with Dana Plato from the tv show Different Strokes and Double Switch with Corey Haim. Both games were released only for the Sega CD and were great back in the day. 

  • Found a Dreamcast a while back. This time of year is playing The Grinch on it. Not a great game but fun enough.

  • Sega Genesis, Nintendo Ds, GBAsp, original Xbox

  • It’s between the old game boy color or Super Nintendo for me

  • I love my trusty SEGA Saturn. Yes, it failed In the West, but nonetheless, it has an awesome catalog of games - one of the best being Panzer Dragoon Saga, which you can't play anywhere else (well, aside from emulation, of course). Awesome collection of arcade ports too - they're perfect!

  • I saved up paper route money for months to buy an N64.