What are your favorite retro consoles?

Also, what are your favorite games for that console? Would love to learn some hidden gems I've never heard of!

  • The original Nintendo will always hold a special place in my heart. It started my love of gaming and the games are still so much fun!

  • I really enjoyed the Intellivision. Yes, odd controller layout contributed to the quirkiness. But the games were great! Sea Battle, Armor Battle, D&D, Atlantis, Space Battle, Astrosmash, Pitfall... there are so many.

  • Dreamcast was the best console

  • SNES for me. I grew up on the original NES, but the quality of games and just huge evolution from the NES era makes me remember the SNES as the best.

  • The Sega Genesis will always have a special place in my heart. It was my first console and I still have it.

  • I missed the old Nintento and PlayStation games played using gunstock

  • Fond of the GameCube for it's versaility -- our plays GBA & SNES games as well as GC games. And there's plenty good stuff on it to play. 

  • I've always been a fan of the PSP which I feel can be called a retro console now as well as the PS3 not because it had good games or it performed good but because its hardware was so unique and interesting to me 

  • Nintendo NES! Something about its simplicity just makes me think of the good ole days. 

  • Sega will aways have my heart.