What games will you be playing during the upcoming holidays?

The holidays are here and most of us get some time off either during or after the holidays.  What games are you planning on playing in your upcoming time off?

I'm going to be playing MarioKart with family on Christmas and will likely play some Pokemon or Spiritfarer when I don't have guests.

  • RDR2, Harry Potter, Metro, Spider-Man, and tons of other games on my awesome Legion Go

  • I just purchased COD MW3 I told myself I wouldn’t get it but a lot of my buddies play it and I missed playing hardcore search. I do enjoy playing it just have to learn the new maps. So I will be playing that during the holidays and maybe some Forza. Still loving the racing sim I built 

  • Right now I'm playing Greedfall, but I'm definitely going to try Remnant 2, Super Mario Wonder, and maybe get back into some Skyrim?

  • I will be finishing baldurs gate 3! 

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  • Going to try to finish Pokemon Scarlet, Pokemon Let's go Evee, and Like A Dragon Gaiden. After that I'll go back to playing around in Final Fantasy XV.

  • Remnant 2 and Skyrim for starters.

  • Been playing some of the new Avatar Game.  Really enjoying it so far

  • Those games sound awesome! I really miss my favorite game - Boktai The Sun Is In Your Hands. I will probably play Batman Arkham Trilogy.

  • Mario Kart , Contra, Madden, Fifa