Video editing software

What is the most convenient and effective video editor you've been using?

  • I am also interested in the answers to this as I am not really enjoying the built-in video editor in Windows and iMovie on macOS doesn't have a lot of features either.

  • DaVinci Resolve is my go-to recommendation for great free editing software. Premiere Pro is what I have the most experience with, but the subscription is quite pricey. DaVinci gives you the best offering for new editors looking to learn the ropes Slight smile

  • I prefer working via since it's pretty easy to use and has all the necessary tools. You can try it as well.

  • Well, you can try to find a list of most popular video editors using Google ;)

  • PowerDirector by CyberLink; i have used this software for several years and was fairly easy to lear as well as a lot of options (effects) that came with it.