What is your New Year's Resolution?

Did you make one?   Care to share?

  • Mine is to get healthy and drink less.

  • I got a few, Stay health (exercise, eat better, etc) Read more books, make content, draw more often, and put more time in my hobbies that I lacked in last year.

  • To finally dig in to my backlog of games Cold sweat

  • Make more money...., even though it can't buy me happiness...

  • No sugar for a year.

  • Overall, just procrastinate less.  I always leave things to last minute.  Been like that since elementary school...

  • I did not make New Year's resolutions. I never got into the habit. To me it just does not make a difference on which day a resolution is made. (If someone is into making resolutions.)

  • Do less gaming and more work and relaxing outside. I'd like to do more hiking/camping.

  • better personal care.. travel, & make MONEY, MONEY, MONEY..