What do you play when you're feeling blue/ill?

So like a lot of peopple right now I've been struck down by the flu.. Lying in bed feeling crummy. I'm also a bit down. I think a few people in the world suffer from seasonal depression at this time of year. I'm just lying in bed watching Midsomer Murders and it's probably not helping my depression lol .. What do you play to when you're a bit ill, or feeling a bit down? I just can't get into my normal games..

This is my first post- hope I did it right..

  • I personally like to play Stardew Valley is nice to rest and not stress me out, just take my time to complete the assignments and speak with everyone.

  • USUALLY if I am home from work due to the flu or illness, I am too sick to play anything.

  • I like playing TFT, cause it's not too intense.

  • The Last of Us is a great game to get into and make  you forget how bad you are feeling

  • I try and play something new if I can!

  • I am limited on my macpro 2012 so I game on my ps5, Red Dead is still fun for me and my GF likes to play along 

  • Arcade racers do it for me.  Quick races, nothing that gets me too invested.  I also throw on some trance, try to find something mellow but still upbeat if that makes sense.  

  • Stardew Valley is a really laid back relaxing game while im sick

  • I would definitely recommend A Short Hike. That's my mellow, low stress title. Enjoy.


  • I like to play pokemon games while feeling ill since i get really into them and it distracts me from how i'm feeling.