What do you play when you're feeling blue/ill?

So like a lot of peopple right now I've been struck down by the flu.. Lying in bed feeling crummy. I'm also a bit down. I think a few people in the world suffer from seasonal depression at this time of year. I'm just lying in bed watching Midsomer Murders and it's probably not helping my depression lol .. What do you play to when you're a bit ill, or feeling a bit down? I just can't get into my normal games..

This is my first post- hope I did it right..

  • I really enjoy retro games for that old school feeling... it brings me back to the good Ole days lol

  • Usually replaying favorite games. Same with rewatching favorite shows, it is comforting. 

  • Nothing.  I am in bed or on the couch.

  • When feeling ill, I don't do anything but rest!   When feeling "blue", I tend to take a long walk to get some aerobic exercise.   I find that sitting at my computer does not help with either.  Your experience may vary...

  • When I'm feeling down, I gravitate towards solo games, usually open world ones that I can explore. I can play at my own pace and not feel rushed.

  • When I am feeling blue I play some cozy games that help me feel just a bit better. Some already said Stardew Valley and a short hike I like these options a lot., Some other games I recommend are Unpacking, Kind Words,Catizens, Sticky Business, and Paradise Marsh.

  • I'm a fan of any metroidvania. The combination of quick reaction time and trying to hold onto remembering the locations of things I can't open yet keeps me engaged enough to not think about what's troubling me.

  • Try any one of the shooters.  They're hectic and diverting. Turn the sound WAY down.

  • If I’m not forcing myself to go outside or go to the gym, I’ll pour up something to drink and put on some Red Dead Redemption 2. If I’m having a cozy night at home with my lady we’ll put on some Mario Party. Usually accompanied by a Home Run Inn Pizza Yum

  • Sometimes I play a game like Minecraft or Zelda BotW that has lots of wandering and exploration. It seems calming to me to wander and look at cool places in the game. It doesn’t matter if I achieve anything.