What do you play when you're feeling blue/ill?

So like a lot of peopple right now I've been struck down by the flu.. Lying in bed feeling crummy. I'm also a bit down. I think a few people in the world suffer from seasonal depression at this time of year. I'm just lying in bed watching Midsomer Murders and it's probably not helping my depression lol .. What do you play to when you're a bit ill, or feeling a bit down? I just can't get into my normal games..

This is my first post- hope I did it right..

  • I play old school arcade games.

  • Visual novels are relaxing

  • I like this suggestion! I have been recently playing the Ace Attorney series and have been loving it so far.

  • I sometimes play Plants Vs Zombies with the gf since we typically get sick one after the other. She typically has a better immune system and gets better quickly so when it’s just me my go to is Inertial drift. Very laid back and one of my favorite arcade racing games

  • I was about to type that until i saw you did it first lol, but I second that.

  • I always return to TLOU games + the Souls styles games. Sometimes RPGs if I have longer or want to take longer. 

  • I like to play Minecraft when I'm looking for something relaxing.

  • Ocarina of Time! Relaxing/fun.

  • Any slow first person game, either on PC or console, or a casual MMO. Something that doesnt require too much thought (Civ or XCOM), but is fun and easy to play like clash of clans!