2024 Snow

How is everyone weathering the snow?   I am in West TN and we just got hit with the polar winds yesterday.   It's 9 degrees and won't go above freezing for at least 2 more days.  We got lucky and only got 3" of snow (or unlucky as I see it.)    I plan to use the holiday and go sledding with my daughters.   :-)

Where are you and how much snow have you gotten this storm?   Any good (or bad) stories from it yet?  Let us hear them.   

God Bless and stay warm.

  • We have a kerosene heater for backup and may have to use it to supplement the furnace that isn't keeping up.   It is supposed to get down to -9 with windchill tonight.   It is running constantly and it is only 63 degrees in the house.

  • I'm in San Antonio TX.  10 degrees wind chill.  City is shut down - lol

  • Northern Arkansas here. It's currently 1° F outside. I've been logging plenty of time on Tears of the Kingdom. Grin

  • Hope you all are staying safe and staying warm! Here in PA I'm looking at a few inches of snow tonight into tomorrow afternoon. Not a lot, but enough to be dangerous on the roads if you aren't careful.

  • Los Angeles here...60 degrees and clear.

    Almost makes the taxes worth it. Almost.

  • We're in the Great Lakes region. It was -11 upon rising this AM. Have about a foot of snow which we cleared before the chill arrived. But 40-50mph winds make it drift so, it's time to clear again. We typically get 5-6' of snow over the winter so snow's less a problem than the cold. 

    Meanwhile, Diablo IV passes the time. 

  • Staying inside and not dealing with all this snow.

    More snow = more streams since I'm inside. 

  • Coldest temperatures I've ever experienced, plenty of wind, but at least I haven't lost power.

  • I'm in North Dakot for work. It's brutally cold. But I'm doin ok. The only thing that sukcs is my truck won't start today. They dont have a lot of areas to plug in for engine block heaters around and the cold just killed my battery. Grrr

  • We are finally set to receive our first substantial snow (more than .5") since 2022 on the Jersey coast.