2024 Snow

How is everyone weathering the snow?   I am in West TN and we just got hit with the polar winds yesterday.   It's 9 degrees and won't go above freezing for at least 2 more days.  We got lucky and only got 3" of snow (or unlucky as I see it.)    I plan to use the holiday and go sledding with my daughters.   :-)

Where are you and how much snow have you gotten this storm?   Any good (or bad) stories from it yet?  Let us hear them.   

God Bless and stay warm.

  • Los Angeles, there's no snow but is a little more cold than usual with a coffee and bread the mornings are great, take care of yourself guys.

  • I'm in Austin and it is really cold. We had to take all freezing precautions like letting our faucets drip overnight so pipes don't burst which I absolutely loathe wasting water. We are getting the frigid temperatures and wind but without the best part of wintry weather: SNOW. I grew up in the northern mid-west so wintry weather doesn't phase me but I do miss the watching the rabbits hoppin through the snow or the glisten of fresh snow on tree branches. There is something really magical about fresh snowfall that I miss.

  • Yeah. The lake effect makes for brutal weather. I have experienced it for many years and the skin piercing winds are the hardest thing to deal with.

  • no snow, but below freezing temps. Making sure the pipes dont get frozen, and the heater running most of the day. 

  • Michigan. Zero Degrees and 8 inches of snow. Looking forward to the natural gas bill this month!

  • Pure ice here - not quite as much fun for sledding. 

  • Snow? Thinking  I don't even know what that is anymore... lol. Two years in a row so far, no snow accumulation around Philly, PA, in the winter. When I was younger, I remember sledding down the hill on the side of my house with my friends all winter long. Times have certainly changed. At least it still snows where I like to ski out West Thumbsup SnowflakeSkierSkiSnowflake  

  • I'm in Chicago. So far so good. Just the temp haha.

  • No snow where I am