If you got a new PC / laptop, what would you do with your current one?

Me, if I get a new computer, I sometimes give my old one to friends or family. However, I usually try to apply the older device to one specific task like music composition, digital art, electronics design, software development, email management, etc. If it's a beefy computer with a decent CPU, RAM, and storage, I might even dedicate its remaining lifetime to a server farm for 3D rendering, etc. - this always worked well with LightWave3D because it had free render nodes, up to 999 I think (unsure if Blender offers something similar). At some point, the older hardware becomes too old and it takes a trip with me to the local recycling center. What do you do with your old kit?

P.S. - If you ever store your computer equipment for a lengthy period, make sure to remove all of its batteries, especially the BIOS / CMOS batteries - they will corrode!

  • my old laptop I gave to my grandma so she could do Family search and what not on it I'm happy that it went to a good home but it wasn't that powerful so I don't know what I would do with my current computer if and when I replace it for something more powerful considering it is only a mid tier gaming laptop

  • Depends. I either sold on eBay/facebook marketplace or gave them to family.  Never really stored anything or dedicated anything to a specific purpose.  Always figured someone else might need it.

  • If I got new computer, I would move the old one to Media PC duty as it is still fairly Okay and would fine in that role.  The current media PC would have to be given to my little nephew to beat on.

  • Great idea! Thumbsup  I forgot about this. I have a big tower PC in storage with a bunch of 250GB SATA hard drives in it (large storage at the time) with movies on them I ripped from DVDs I own so I could just play them off the drives instead of having to insert the DVDs. I think I ripped my video game CD/DVDs on to it for the same purpose. I guess this box is a relic now considering the amount of storage available with today's drives... lol.

  • I will give it to someone else if they need it, first I would ask my family and then if no one close need one then my friends or their family, if no one wants the PC for any reason probably I would sell it on eBay to have extra money for more games.

  • Usually donate to friends or family but current one getting up there in age.

  • I'd first try to give it to someone who needs one, second choice would be to bring for recycling.

  • Store it for backup, you never know when something bad will happen so its always nice to have a backup plan

  • Im a musician and Graphics gut, so thats what Id do mostly

  • I have an 18 year old and a 10 year old, so we do the ol’ hand me down system. Right now though. If I got a new laptop I’d give one to my brother. He likes gaming but doesn’t really have a gaming capable pc at the moment.