December 2023 Giveaway Legion Go Arrived

Just got my Legion Go from the December 2023 Giveaway. Thanks, Ben and the Legion Community. 

  • That is so awsome. How do you like it?

  • Congrats, it looks amazing 

  • Congrats, looks so shiny and nice. 

  • It's fun I've been playing Diablo 4 and Palworld on it. I'll probably start playing some platformers or Metroidvania games. It was surprisingly super easy to setup Slight smile

  • Aii Aii! Congrats my dude. That thing looks cute, ngl ;)

  • WOOHOO Congrats Kevin!! So well deserved - I've been waiting for you to get a lucky roll after being SO active here!

  • looks good and congrats

  • Congratulations! The system looks awesome!