Preserving battery life for laptop gaming

Got myself a new laptop for Christmas, a Lenovo L14 Gen 3, and just started a little gaming. This is my first laptop powerful enough to play anything other than flash games, and I'm a bit concerned about preserving the battery. If I keep it plugged in, even when it's full, while gaming, will it shorten the battery life when I use it normally, not plugged in? Any tips to make sure my laptop keeps working well, throughout (hopefully) years of use?

  • I also have a Lenovo laptop, although it isn’t a gaming one, I use it for gaming and so far I haven’t been able to realize a battery life difference if there are any. So I’m sure you should be fine keeping it plugged in.

  • Shouldn't have a problem keeping it plugged in. There are safety measures in place that will prevent overcharging for every modern system. 

  • There is Lenovo software to help keep the battery charged at ~60% when plugged in to help preserve battery life for gaming laptops. I would be surprised if the same features weren't available on other classes of their laptops. Been working so far with my 3 yr old laptop. 

  • From what I've read, the consensus is to charge the battery when it drops to 30-40% (no lower) and keep it charge no higher than 80% when plugged in continuously. There should be settings to help you set the max charge.

    You of course can fully charge the battery should you need too. Just keep it at 80% when it's mostly plugged in... 

    You may need to attend to battery life more diligently this way, but it's supposed to extend the battery life. 

  • When you keep any lithium batteries at 100% full, it decreases their life.  For storage, 70% fill is recommended.  There is a setting on most computers that will allow you to set it so that even plugged in, the battery will not charge above 60 or 80%.  This can increase battery life; and will not affect plugged in performance.  (Lenovo Advantage has a setting for this...)  Just remember that if you want 100% charge for use unplugged, you will have to change that battery saver setting.  I would also recommend fully charging and discharging once a month of two; as "exercise" is good for the battery once in a while.

  • I have seen some brands that offer products with a ridiculously long battery life, but the products are very heavy. I think as the tech keeps improving we will eventually see longer life in much smaller batteries.

  • You should be fine leaving it plugged in while gaming. If you are concerned about battery life, as others have mentioned there are settings in Windows that allows you to manage how the battery is charged. The battery life saver setting will max the charge at 80% instead of 100%, and only start charging when its 20-30% depleted, which is a more optimized charging cycle than just letting cycle from 99% back to 100%.

  • I've heard about this issue in phones whereas when a phone is charged to full continuously multiple times, its total battery capacity can drop, or its battery life can shorten, but most gaming laptops are built to be used while plugged in. As others have commented, some laptops have a feature that allow them to be charged up to a specific point, such as 50%, 60%, 70% instead of full. This should reduce or even remove the possibility of shortened battery life in the future with these setting son.

  • Some say if you keep it plugged in all the time it will diminish and shorten your battery life..

     And only charging it to 80% helps..

  • So, I think Lenovo laptops stop charging when the battery is at 100% capacity, like the iPhones, even when it's plugged in it stops charging at 100%.