Food or Snack

What is your favorite food or snack?

  • Fav food is the pizza from Joe’s Pizza in NY - banger food, iconic location.

  • Probably pizza and tamales, also cookies and bread is great.

  • Pizza, Cheetos, crazy vanilla ice cream, steak, cheeseburgers, snickers bar

  • Noodles, like udon, naemyeon, ramen!! I love noodles!

  • Pretzels, they go with everything, meat, cheese, any kind of sauce/dip and they are reasonably healthy and good for you.

  • Almost anything chocolate, especially chocolate chip cookies.

  • My favorite snack food is Cheese Doodles.

  • My favorite snack is mixed nuts.

  • Wood Over Baked Pizza.   But I love so many foods and snacks, I should weigh 300lbs.  lol

  • Breakfast cereal is my favorite food because it tastes good and is easy to prepare.