Food or Snack

What is your favorite food or snack?

  • I just love food, it's too difficult to choose a single one.

    Gaming snack is mini cucumbers or chips though

  • Big question. I've been snacking on raisins lately. Pop corn is go to.  As for food. Hard to pick from there's so much in this wonderful world.

  • I'm not sure if I could pick out one favorite, but I'm always a sucker for pepperoni pizza.

  • My favorite snack is buttered popcorn....with Real butter! and a sprinkle of pepper on it.

  • Tacos definitely! Reese Cups as a candy/snack, or chips haha.

  • Food I'd probably go with cheeseburgers.  Snack - reese's peanut butter cups.

  • Chips and potato skins for snacks.  Nachos, pizza, or hamburgers for meal.

  • Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food.. both for taste and health reasons. Hats off!

  • I love ice cream. Had to switch to Ben and Jerry’s because buying the larger containers just meant eating more at once.

  • Anything really! I have a sweets problem, so I should have heathier things within my reach more often.