OverCooked! Is this the most frustrating game on the planet?

Is it my family or are some of you on the same boat?   This game is so frustrating and aggravating.    What do you think?   What strategies do you use?

  • One of my problems is that my favorite child to play this with is only 12 and as stubborn as I am.  Wink

  • I swear this game is as friendship-ending as Monopoly. I usually assign roles and split the groups that way everyone knows what they are doing. This has been the best way to end toxic behavior. 

  • I just play it without any expectations. If you want to get results, you will be frustrated... this game is hard!

  • I agree but it is probably worse.   We are so competitive that we go from cool and calm to yelling and stomping in minutes.

  • I like Overcooked! At first, it was a little frustrating but, we all got into the swing of things and it went smoothly. Some levels are more annoying than others. I'm not too fond of the levels where certain areas are blocked out in certain intervals those levels I have a newfound hatred for lol.

  • This game is so much fun but it can be stressful and aggravating at times. Especially if you have incompetent sous chefs. I have the second game with all the dlcs on Xbox and it is very fun. Strategies is to get good people. In all honesty all maps have a different strategy and you just have to keep replaying it and keep the strategies that are working. Good luck in your overcooked journey!

  • It can be frustrating until you realize each "map" has a different strategy that must be figured out in order to get the maximum amount of stars. Communication is key of every player and not one player can be "The Chef". It's about cooperation to get a task completed. Every player or in your case family member needs to have assigned roles or jobs primary and secondary. For example, Cook 1 - Primary job = Chop and Secondary job = Dishwashing, Cook 2 - Primary job = Cook and Secondary job = Chop. Of course those are examples but most of all communication through the chaos is key, because like I said... COOPERATE!

    In the end... have fun, after all... it's just a game!

  • All the shouting is fun

  • Communication skills and being able to both manage and do what others tell you are essential to excelling in this game