Space vs Ocean

The universe hides many mysteries that people through the ages have been dreaming to discover and even conquer.

The ocean is a vast world within our own world that we actually know very little about even in 2024.

Exploring both space and the oceans would be great in my opinion as I've always been fascinated by both but I think I would prefer knowing more about the ocean.

Considering technology improvements, would you prefer that society could reach the bottom of the sea or make human travel to planets first?

  • Prefer the development of interstellar travel to other planets first, who know we might met aliens! The ocean seems kind of dark, and I doubt you'd find Atlantis down there haha

  • I would prefer humans traveling to other planets first. I've always had a fascination with space and what could be out there in the universe. Plus the amount of resources in our solar system's asteroid belts and other planets/moons is incredible and eventually we will need to utilize them to progress as a civilization.

  • I love everything space. Exploring other planets would be dope.

  • I love space and would love to go out there, but we should stick with our ocean's for now.

  • Gotta figure out the ocean first for me.  When people ask if I believe in aliens I tell them 100%.  Then if someone says there's no way, I tell them we don't even know what's in the oceans.

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    I’m with you reverse, let’s explore the depths!

  • Great post! As a retired Sailor, I say let’s find the mysteries of the deep.

  • I agree that both need to be explored but believe space exploration and travel would bring more meaningful knowledge with diversity in planets, asteroids, moons, and comets.  Could find new elements or types of life, etc.. and thats just in our solar system.  The ocean is just so vast to completely scan, but not sure there is as many mysteries there.

  • On a side note, have you watched the Apple+ series “For All Mankind”? That series does depict some of the benefits of space exploration, at least from a technological and economical standpoint.

  • I think both are extremely interesting but believe space exploration would unlock more mysteries. Imagine the new possible lifeforms and elemental materials that could exist due to completely different temperature patterns, atmospheres and planetary and lunar liquid wells and rivers. The limit to what we would discover in the Earth's oceans would be much less not to belittle our oceans and their mysteries. I think our oceans can help unravel our past and potentially benefit our future but space is immensely.vaster with more possibilities to have a greater impact.