2024 Fighting Games

My fellow fighting game fans, what are you looking forward to in 2024? Tekken 8 has started it off with a bang. And what fighters are you still playing?

  • Tekken 8...best fighting game?

  • It's been a great time for fighting game fans!  I have still been playing Street Fighter 6 but, I recently started Tekken 8 its my first Tekken!  I am looking forward to seeing 2XKO formerly Project L release next year!

  • Yes, the past year has treated fighting game fans very well.  Hope you enjoy Tekken.  I love that series.  2KXO looks promising.  Hoping it delivers. 

  • I think I can speak for every fighting game enthusiast that we are all excited for 2XKO or Project L, at least for an open beta. I'm on a DBFZ hiatus although I love it and was the game that introduced me on fighting games. I still play SF6 and GGST!

  • Tekken is cool and all, but I'm waiting for Multiversus. I wanna see how much has changed after its long break. The most recent fighting game I have played isn't a traditional fighter. It was Gang Beast which I played to have some with the family. 

  • I'm a filthy fighting game casual. I enjoy them, but too lazy to learn all the moves. I usually learn a few good ones and button mash or improvise the rest. It is fun.

    I enjoy the Mortal Kombat series, and Love Dead or Alive. The new Mortal Kombat 1 was OK, Tekken had cool stories, and would love to see a new Dead or Alive be a surprise announce in 2024.