Schemes & themes - is your computer hardware color-coordinated?

In the previous decade, I was in a blue phase - my netbook, mobile phone, and analog watch face were all a nice deep blue color. Now, I'm in a grey and black phase (mainly because accessories in these colors are easier to find)... and sometimes I'll try to find a hint of red to match my Lenovo ThinkPad's color scheme. I also have matching wallpapers on my laptop and phone. Do you go out of your way to match a color scheme / theme with your computer hardware and accessories (LED lighting color schemes included)?

  • I don’t go out of my way or pay more for a certain color laptop, PC, or peripheral normally. I did manage to get a white PC and nice while gaming keyboard but my laptop is black. I would love a white or gunmetal blue laptop but sometimes it’s hard to find or more expensive. I do like to get different colors of game controllers. I have a lime green XBOX controller and a light blue PS 5 controller. 

  • I use stickers to make my stuff pretty

  • I think it would be cool to do a color coordinated theme, but fiscally cant and just go whatever I can afford. Dont do matching wallpapers mostly because have so many I like and switch them around.

  • I just get the basic color the tech comes in. If there was no surcharge for a different color, I might pick one. But I don't care enough to pay extra.

  • I’ve never been one to go out of my way for style. I’m all for utility and accessibility. I feel like, if you invest into a color scheme, then you are locked in to buying things that match later on. A really nice chair that doesn’t match the style of your room? Nice watch that doesn’t match your wardrobe? Wallpaper that doesn’t match the lighting of your setup? Rip all around. 

    that being said, ppl buy supreme so I could be in the minority for utility over style 

  • Thanks for your reply, Hannah!  Thumbsup  I've seen other people use stickers too  Smile  

  • Nope, dont have that kind of cash, its all mutts lol

  • Thanks, Brian  Smiley  It's unfortunate when vendors charge different prices for different color options. In the past, during the initial Apple iMac / iBook color craze that spread throughout the industry, I remember some accessory manufactures included color shells that shipped in the box - you could change the shells on USB hubs, mice, etc. I thought the shell concept was cool at the time. I guess the only similar solution in modern times is a colored protective case for a mobile phone.

  • I just like that ny current PC has a nice black and white color scheme that goes really well with blue LED lighting.  I don't really color coordinate between various devices though.  I can see how one can get some satisfaction out of doing that though and I can appreciate that.  Enjoy.

  • No. I don't have enough time in a day to do all of that.