Backlog Strategy

Hi everyone!

I suppose some of you have a backlog of games to play. Those you have bought, but still did not have the time to engage. 

Do you have any strategy to play your backlog? Or do you just go along with what you are feeling? 

Game on!

  • I go along with what I am feeling since last time I tried a strategy I got burn out and finished only two games when usually I finish like 5 or more a year. I'll be taking it slow this year and try to finish a few but trying not to get burn out again. 

  • Okay... they say the first step of getting help is admitting you have a problem... therefore!

    I have a spreadsheet for all of my games purchased or provided free since 2015. As you can see I have insurmountable backlog! The majority of the games on my list of 2,250 games have come from being a Humble Bundle Choice subscriber since before it was called Choice as well as the every Thursday free games since Epic Game Store launched. When you couple that alongside being an Amazon Prime member, grabbing their free games on a monthly basis... that's a load of games.

    Absent from my list of 2,250 games is games I purchase directly from Steam. Those games don't make the list because I don't need to keep record of their game key. In total I'd say I have approximately 2,300 games, not including Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Games.

    As such I have no strategy whatsoever! Slight smile

    Most of the time I just go with what I'm feeling. For instance last night I played Slasher's Keep for a bit, got disgruntled with it, then fired up Raidborn.

    Admittedly the games I want to complete are:

    • God of War
    • Last of Us
    • Red Dead Redemption 2
    • Half Life 2 (yep ... I still haven't finished it)
    • Death Stranding
    • Horizon Zero Dawn

    So many games... so little time.

  • I have been forcing myself not to buy any new games until I start beating some of my backlog. I usually have a couple of different games active and play the one I feel like playing. Usually, one is played 80% of the time. It's hard getting into new games with a 13-month-old at home. Luckily the Legion Go has let me squeeze in more game time than trying to find a moment to step away from everything to sit at my desktop.

  • Games aren't work only play what you're feeling! If you can't decide what to start, or nothing sounds particularly interesting, that's what RNG is for! Or don't play and touch grass, people tell me it's a good idea, but I've never tried it.

  • WOW! Check out Tony C.'s organization!! I have to admit, I had a lot of games, but they were old and I threw them away because I don't like holding on to games I know I will not be playing again. I currently play an MMORPG so there's no backlog!

  • I've accepted that it will be the list I bring with me to the retirement home to keep me busy. 

  • I watched a video on this titled, "How I Finished My Gaming Backlog (One Year Later)," by Daryl Talks Games. I recommend watching the video as it was very well-made and engaging. Essentially, he says that it may be overwhelming to tackle your backlog but, you should not rush through games otherwise you ruin your experience with said games. Don't rush it; have fun and that's what I have been doing with my backlog. I sometimes drop games in my backlog because they weren't fun to me. With this strategy, I've whittled down my huge backlog and it does not feel like a chore to do it. 

  • Wow!! I really like the effort you put into that spreadsheet!

    With three more columns you could have a solid strategy! Just add "genre", "leisure or serious", and "how long to beat" and you got yourself a plan! 

    Maybe doing that for all those games would be too much work, but you can start with the new ones you get!

  • Completely agree! Games are supposed to be fun!! 

    When it becomes a source of stress, then it's time to stop and reframe your approach. 

  • Congratulations on your baby!! 

    I have also stopped buying some years ago. I missed some good deals, but it was very rewarding to finish the games I had! 

    Right now I am back with a backlog again. But I'm happy with it since I am managing to play many games!