Backlog Strategy

Hi everyone!

I suppose some of you have a backlog of games to play. Those you have bought, but still did not have the time to engage. 

Do you have any strategy to play your backlog? Or do you just go along with what you are feeling? 

Game on!

  • Nope no specific plan here for the backlog. There just will eventually be a day where I sift through those games and one catches my interest. I don’t want to force myself to play them in any order, just will once they fit the mood. A friend of mine takes the opposite approach, downloading multiple games he’s backlogged to get through and fully completing each one by one, not downloading anything else until one is completed and space is made. I suppose doing that brings more experiences faster, though I prefer being on the games I pick for the day.

  • Just don't stress over it, plan ahead and make a schedule to fit in whatever time possible

  • No strategy, trying to not add much more to it. Mostly just play what I feel like playing.

  • I just play what I feel like. I keep my Steam library filtered by installed games, so I don't have to stress out about all the games I have never installed once. 

  • Play what you are feeling is really the best way to go. There is no use playing a game you don't want to play at the moment. I typically have a set of games from different genres so I can keep moving forward while playing something I feel like playing that day! 

    And touching grass is always a good idea. The sun and fresh air do wonders to our bodies! 

  • Right? Tony C.'s organization is amazing! 

    I am sad to hear that you threw your old games away. I love old games! I hope you found a new home for them Wink

    What MMORPG are you playing?

  • That's so true!!

    Depending on the library size, it may even outlive us!!

  • I really like that approach! Will add this video to my "to watch" list! Thanks for sharing! 

  • I suppose both approaches work if you are having fun and enjoying your experience! 

  • I usually play the latest games that are really hot and then if I find time I go and check my backlog to see what I'm most interested in