2242 NVME Enclosure

Does anyone know of an NVME enclosure that is sized for a 2242 enclosure? I looking for something smaller than the large enclosure that also fits 2280. There are a few options for 2230 but nothing specifically for the 2242 size.

  • Hi, Adam. I quickly checked on Micro Center, Newegg, Amazon, and eBay, and the following enclosures were the shortest among the ones I saw -  all support both 2230 & 2242 NVMe sizes...




    They all appear to be USB 3.1 Gen 2 10Gbps.

    Good luck!  Thumbsup

  • Thanks! I don't think I saw any of these because I was on USB-C. Trying to find a small enclosure to run a second OS on my Legion Go. Want it as small as possible.