Student Laptops

So as of next year I'll have two kids in high school. The school cromebooks they have are driving them (and me) up the walls. School IT is essentially useless.
So... here I am curious to see if anyone had any good recommendations for laptops that are good for students?
My daughter has been getting a little more into coding and digital art as well.
But that isn't a primary feature I'm looking for right now since I have my desktop if she really needs to do that sort of work for the time being.

  • For digital art and coding, I would probably go with a Lenovo Yoga 7i. 

    For a cheap laptop that is mainly for online classes and writing papers, I would go with an Ideapad Slim 3i Chromebook Plus. It's currently on sale on Lenovo for $370. 

  • those look like great recommendations! Thanks! I'll look into them.

    The yoga looks pretty nice honestly!  But it might be a bit much to do both at that level at this point but we'll see once taxes come through.

    It might be wroth going for the Ideapad side to get them going for a while.

  • Will new computers actually solve the problem? A lot of the time, it's less the school hardware than the software. Education software can be ridiculously horrible and teachers have ... varying... capacities to utilize it. But in general HP makes a decent chromebook and Lenovo's Ideapad 3 are good options. Plus there's always a decent option of refurbished or second hand toughbooks which can stand up to a TON of abuse.

  • It's both... honestly. Hardware is slow. They have it locked down to a point where I can't even add the house printer or the headphones that the school insisted they have. They mostly use google classroom and we can access it on other computers. Had to do that before when one of them was home and their school chomebook wouldn't turn on. So the kid used my wife's laptop. Honestly I hate chromebooks and if I can find a decent laptop for a manageable price then I'll go that route.

    Ooh yeah I had forgotten about Toughbooks! I've been peeking at refurbished units also. Thanks for your input! 

  • Thinkpad Or Thinkbook

  • I have a Yoga 7i and Yoga 9i. Both are lightweight enough for a student to carry around all day and both have touchscreens, which could be nice for digital art. The 9i came with a stylus, but the 7i did not, although you can still use one on it if you buy it separately. The 9i also came with a case but I had to buy one separately for the 7i.

  • thanks for that! As far as responsiveness and performance which would you put above the other? I'm guessing the 9i is slightly newer processor and display a little better.

  • It sounds like you're on the hunt for a reliable laptop solution for your high school kids, especially with the frustrations you've encountered with the school Chromebooks. Considering your daughter's growing interest in coding and digital art, finding a laptop that offers versatility and reliability is key.If you ever decide to explore options specifically tailored for digital art or coding in the future, check out these best laptop for graphic designers. Taking a peek at these recommendations might give you some ideas for future-proofing your kids' technology setup.