14th gen CPUs

The new Intel 14th gen CPUs are here and I just wanted to know what y'all think about it.

  • I'm always excited about new tech. This year I'm actually in the market for a new laptop, so hopefully this means the prices of last years models will drop considerably. New generations of CPU's usually mean the last generation has a decent price drop. :-) 

  • 14th gen!   That makes me feel old.   Now I need to go look up my laptop gen to see what it's benchmark is compared to the latest and greatest.   I'm scared.

  • 14th generation?  WOW!!!  I'm old!!!

  • Aren't they just warmed-over 13th gen? Not sure how they get away with calling that a new generation. Shrug*shrug*

  • Most review sites say that they are a minor iterative improvement over 13th gen. So, the wheels of progress roll along.

  • I will love to see a Super jump on CPU'S, There is a lot we will be able to do with more power.

  • The 14th gen intel CPUs aren't a crazy jump in performance over 13th gen, but they are better (15% jump in frames in some games). I'm using a 14900K that I won and it's awesome, but honestly for gaming an i7 14700K would be pretty much just as good. The main difference is just more efficiency cores on the i9. I wouldn't upgrade if you have 13th gen, but if you are looking to buy a new PC and replacing an old one, the 14th gen intel CPUs are a great option, or if you can get a better deal on 13th gen now, that may be a good idea too if you are on a budget  AMD also make some good gaming CPUs as well, their 3D models are designed to  be great for gaming in particular.

  • Yeah, it really isn't significant of an upgrade to be labeled a new generation but on the bright side it won't be long the13 gen will get better sale prices. I personally wouldn't pay the extra money for the 14th gen.

  • More of an incremental upgrade this time but still newer and improved with better performance.  Not enough to upgrade but if you're buying new it's great.

  • Just a 13th gen refresh, no a necessary upgrade if you have 13th gen