Finance or Save?

Is it worth financing a Gaming PC or Saving and buy later?

  • Save and buy outright. You will end up saving a lot more in the long run by not having interest. 

  • It is almost universally better to buy outright. The pretty much single exception is if someone is offering you 0% interest for a year and you could afford to buy outright. Then you put the money in some sort of interest earning account until then pay it off entirely before the 0% interest period ends keeping the interest your money made. This is rarely a large amount of money and could go wrong, so it's generally safer to just buy outright.

  • In my opinion it would be better to buy instead of financing because you end up possibly paying more than the PC is worth in the end .

  • Probably saving. Financing costs more.

  • If it's an investment that generates returns greater than financing cost then it makes sense, otherwise just save from discretional spending budget

  • as someone who was wondering about this without knowing they were wondering about this i thank everyone in this community who has replied for an answer about this.

  • As someone who has done both, saving to buy later is a better way to go. Even if your gaming PC somehow (for example streaming content) generates income, if it wasn't already a consistent income flow beforehand, financing isn't going to a cake walk. I'd take saving up for later a step farther (if you want to build your PC) to keep an eye out on holiday or special sales if they have them where you live from stores/websites and buy piece by piece. Pre-built PC don't typically go up that much in price unless we're talking new CPU/GPU releases, BUT... the market prices for parts are fluctuating a bit more this year so far (SSDs are getting slightly more expensive, while some GPUs are going down in price). Interest will always come back to bite you unless as someone mentioned it's 0% and you can pay it off during that 0% period.

  • Save and buy later. Then don't have to worry about payments

  • I've always told people the following in regards to technology. "There is ALWAYS something new coming... ALWAYS, whatever you purchase will be replaced by something better in 6 months to a year".

    Because of that fact, there is no liable strategy in regards to waiting other than personal finances. When you consider the personal finance standpoint here is my advice from that standpoint.

    You should only go into debt to finance something you NEED (car, home, furniture/appliance). If you must go into debt on something you WANT, assure the financing has some component of same as cash. As in interest free if paid off within X amount of time. And if you can't pay it off without paying interest in that specified time. That should be simple logic and signal to you that you can not afford what you WANT! When you are paying interest on an item that isn't a home or car (something the majority of people can't afford to pay in cash) it's like flushing money down the toilet.

    So in short... if you can finance your purchase interest free... GO FOR IT!!! If you can't... SAVE YOUR MONEY until you can purchase it. Tax refund season is upon us!

  • Im a big fan of saving and then buying. Im not a finance guy only for the fact of i hate if something goes wrong while i still owe money. Just my opinion