Extinct Games

https://the1a.org/segments/saving-classic-video-games/   -  recent episode of a podcast about gaming

"Think back to your earliest video game memories. 

As technology changes and video games become increasingly released only on digital, many of the titles you grew up on may be unplayable today.

87% of classic video games — those released before 2010 — are in danger of being lost to time. That’s according to a study from the Video Game History Foundation. 

Some companies are trying to rectify the situation by making more games available through subscription services, like Nintendo Switch Online. Nintendo recently announced the availability of Game Boy and Game Boy Advance games through the service. Only 25 out of a total 1,873 Game Boy games are still available for purchase."

As games age, they can get deleted from history because of a lack of compatible consoles or not being stored in online libraries. Are there any games that really made an impact on you beyond occupying some spare time? How would you feel to know that neither you nor anyone else would be able to play it again? Are there ways consumers can help catalog and preserve them as art for future generations?

  • This is so cool, gotta preserve those games for sure. I started PC gaming on DOS in the early 90s and miss some of the classics. It’s nice to see groups trying to save these games for people to experience. 

  • Mu faces were ported arcade games, gallada, dig dug, joust etc

  • A good game never truly goes extinct. It'll always get renovated, but perhaps with slightly different designs and more background effects.

  • The game that's impacted me the most that also remains locked to the console it was originally released for is Panzer Dragoon Saga, only available for the SEGA Saturn (aside from emulation). The game is simply.wonderful, and it's a travesty more folks have not experienced it.

  • Somewhat related, I caught news about SafeDiscShim last week - it allows old legit purchased games to run on modern Windows versions. The file "secdrv.sys" and its related DRM management functionality was blocked a few years ago by Microsoft for security reasons. I downloaded SafeDiscShim, but I haven't tested it with any old games yet.



  • I'm in complete agreement in that these games are in definite need of preserving, not just for entertainment purposes, but because they are part of our history, a history that shows us how far technology has advanced.

    Fortunately for us gamers, emulators and virtual machine managers exists for us to replay these "abandonware-era" games no longer sellable.

  • Not being able to play such games would be a dread. The emulating community has done a far better service at keeping those games alive than the companies themselves. It is well known that Nintendo lost the files for the original Mario game and ripped off a digital version from the emulating community. Had it not been for that community, the original Mario would have been lost forever.

  • Man I miss some of the old games. Just becaase they're "outdated" or not really copatable with current technology doesn't mean that they aren't still a lot of fun. I do hope that we can keep some of the oldies alive. Progress shouldn't mean archiving some of the classics- keep the classics alive!

  • My basement if full of old games just waiting for someone to buy them & save them for posterity. 

  • Most the old PC game I'd play as a kid I've found in abondoneware sites and been playable through DOS box or still up for purchase As for others Hard to say if everything can be preserved. That's a lot of media.