Fallout 4 - Very fun before the show comes out!

Well I already loved the game, now a show? Awesome...


Is anyone playing on their Legion? How is it running?

  • I tried FO4 a few years ago and have been thinking about giving it a try again before the show comes out. I remember it being extremely glitchy and almost impossible to finish. Maybe this playthrough will be better.

  • It runs great on my Legion Go at 1200p after a little fiddling. I have been thinking about playing through the Fallout's again. Mainly installed the Fallouts for testing at the moment. I am sure the building mode will be a pain if I get too deep into it.  I am getting a steady 47FPS at 1200p in balanced mode and it looks great too. Without the tweaks, it was stuck at 19FPS. I had to go to the Fallout4Prefs.ini and change IPresentInterval=1 to =0 then set the refresh rate to 144. This also seems to be a glitch as it won't go any higher than 47 fps.

  • I started it up a few months ago. It worked well on my Legion laptop that's got a 4060 in it. Yum  I actually stopped playing it though to play some other games--Far Cry 6, Assassin's Creed Mirage, and soon Baldur's Gate 3. I figure, I waited this long to play Fallout 4 anyway that it doesn't matter if I put it off a little longer. 

  • I'm glad to see they made this into a show. Hopefully they do it justice. Unfortunately, my wife isn't too into fallout, so I'll have to find time to watch it. Now, if they chose elder scrolls, we'd be watching that every night lol 

  • Yeah this is one of those games mana many ppl do repeat play throughs, speaks volumes about it.