So I made a post about video games I wish were made into tv series/movies. Now I would like to know your thoughts on movies/shows that you want video games made into. We are seeing more movie franchises coming into the world of modern gaming lately with games like Robocop, Terminator, Avatar etc... Some of them have had games in the past but not with modern graphics and the scale that modern technology can create. Some movie/tv series IPs I would like to see are Buck Rodgers, Go Bots, Thundercats, Night of the Living Dead, I am Legend, Apocalypse Now, Alina, Akira, Ninja Scrolls, Sin City and a good GI Joe game for God's sake. Apocalypse Now would probably be hard to do but the other titles I think are much more feasible. What would you like to see made? We could probably include comics/graphic novels in here I put Sin City in my list. There are definitely a lot of good movies, comics and tv shows that would make great games. I can't wait to hear your suggestions.

  • Good question on this. I can think of a few awesome books that would make great video games, or great movies, but I am not sure if i can think of any movies I want a game of. Maybe the 5th Element? Or Kung Pow enter the Fist!

  • the movie blackhole has the perfect vr style area in the form of the shooting range that i would love to experience.

  • I bet E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial would make for a great videogame...