Are consoles going to disappear?

The other day reading news about the game pass, I noted that every company is making their own way to play the most mobile way possible with no strings, like PS with the PS Portal, Nintendo with  Switch, and Xbox... well from everywhere and anywhere haha. What got me thinking, is there a difference? or they all want to move a step further in this direction, I guess this is to help every gamer into afront the challenges of living without staying home all day (which many of us have to do every day). So do you guys think you prefer the companies to keep making more advances to make us company in or schedule or arrive home after a hard day's work and be able to focus on the realities these consoles have to show us?

  • It's pretty clear the future is shaping up to have a focus on streaming and subscriptions but I for one hope that there remains at least something that resembles the "traditional" console and gaming industry as I have known it in the last 40 years.

  • No it would not disappear but i do believe it going to be way more advance but hopefully they don’t drive to away from the original concept of what a console should me

  • It's truly going to be a huge loss. Glad I grew up in the 90s in the best consol time to be alive... but these guys days are numbered

  • No. Consoles are NOT going to disappear. The new trend is handheld consoles, that is what we will see for a while imo

  • Even when staying at home all day, with a handheld you can play anywhere at the living room, kitchen, bedroom or anywhere. Add a VR/AR/MR glasses and you'll be playing on a screen of any size you want.

  • I think consoles will disappear as the more powerful, less expensive gaming computers continue to grow in number.

  • Consoles won't go away they will just lock games behind passes to get good stuff or play online 

  • Handheld consoles are in high demand right now and you still cannot play socially as efficient with a PC. So the answer is no.

  • I personally think they won't disappear completely.  Plenty of interest for gaming on all kinds of devices.

  • Console games will stay. Mobile game is large industry but it is so limited in control and display. People like bigger screen and gamers like challenges (like soul like games). If there comes a time a consoles disappear than it would be because there are so few console gamers left to even bother with it