Last Purchase?

Curious to hear what things people choose to purchase from and why. Also, do you use the rewards program? How much difference does this make to what you choose to buy?

  • my last purchase was a battery for my wireless Xbox controller (which I used Rewards for before) but I've also purchased many other things such as Keyboards, earphones, etc. Rewards is amazing!

  • White wireless mouse using Lenovo points.

  • My last purchase was a Targus backpack using the rewards program. It's too bad its so limited on how much you can earn per month and how long points last. Probably won't ever be able to use it to get a big discount on anything significant. My next purchase will probably be a wireless headset or mouse.

  • I got 2 SSDs yesterday because of the presidents' day sale. The rewards program definitely influences my purchases. Already shipped within 26 hours of purchase.

  • I bought a wired Lenovo gaming mouse as a secondary mouse for my laptop. It’s reallly decent and was only about $27 on sale. I used my rewards for most of it. It’s nice to earn rewards and occasionally they send bonus rewards points. 

  • Last purchase was a new mouse with my rewards.  Loving it!

  • I've never purchased any Lenovo product's but my sister has. It's the computer that I'm using now, she let me use it until I can get/win one of my own. This computer is very impressive, I really like it.

  • I have bought my Yoga lap top from the site as well as many accessories, cables, cases and laptop carriers.. good prices and good service

  • I use the regular rewards money I get on sweepstakes entries and cables mostly. It never hurts to have a spare charging cable for your phone or vape and with enough points they end up basically free. When I had a lot of points after buying my fiancee's laptop, I used those one getting a nice pair of wireless earphones.