Last Purchase?

Curious to hear what things people choose to purchase from and why. Also, do you use the rewards program? How much difference does this make to what you choose to buy?

  • I used my rewards points to purchase an X-Box controller. I didn't want my points to expire so I figured I put them towards at least something. I was pretty impressed at how quickly they shipped it.

  • My latest purchase was 2 wireless mice, using the rewards I received from the 2 laptop purchases.

  • I have purchased earphones.

  • I believe my last purchase was a Lenovo brand 4 port USB hub. I tend to buy Lenovo brand accessories as they seem to be decent to good quality. To be honest, I haven't bought anything recently because there is a glitch that prevents my rewards from being applied or detected on so my reward points just sit there without ability to use them and am a little bitter about it. I put in multiple tickets with support and it still isn't fixed. Really hoping I don't have to close my Lenovo account of 4 years and create  a new one in hopes this issue doesn't recur with a new account but also don't want to forfeit the rewards I have now.. This issue has happened on and off since Lenovo migrated to the unified Lenovo Passport. Been waiting 2 weeks now for IT to respond with a fix or explanation. I wanted to buy a 2TB SSD a few weeks ago but couldn't my rewards weren't working properly so I decided not to purchase it. Rewards are definitely a big perk for being in the Lenovo ecosystem. I recommend it to anyone if it works properly for you.

  • A gaming mouse that is so much better than my last one. The rewards are awesome and I plan on buying something new soon!

  • I feel you. This is my second account. My original, which was 4+ years old, glitched when they combined all the logins into one (roughly a year ago now). No one could seemingly fix the problem (web IT is apparently nonexistent) and it was suggested by their customer support to create a new account. So I 'closed' my old one and created this one. The not funny part is that I still get email and bonus rewards offers to my old account. Like in spite of going through the 'please delete this account' matrix.

    It's REALLY frustrating that a tech/computer company can't employ enough competent people to run their web site effectively. Appreciate your honest comment.

  • My last purchase was some headphones i'm probably returning. I don't know why but one ear is lower than the other and i can't be bothered to keep them if I can't use them on both ears.

  • I bought a Logitech wireless touchpad keyboard for my Legion Go. I used my rewards to get it for $11 and I needed it to watch films while lying down. 

  • My Legion 7 laptop from ~5 years ago.

  • I purchased a mousepad because I didn't really need anything else. I am considering buying a laptop stand in the future after Ben mentioned it on his stream. I am already using a non-functioning cooling pad as a laptop stand but an actual one would make my setup cleaner.