Looking for another great Builder/Survival game like Valheim. Any opinions?

What's another good game like Valheim to play with about 4-5 people? My friends and I played Valheim for a while, but have kinda become burnt out on it and have done pretty much everything that can be done. Is there another game close to Valheim that we can get more hours out of? I know it's still a game in process, so we will problably hit it up again whenever the next big update drops.. but we're kinda in limbo now. Just looking for another great game to play with the crew and get a lot of hours out of.

  • The survival games I have had the most fun playing are Conan Exile, Palworld, The Forest, Raft, Grounded, Satisfactory, 7 Days to Die, V Rising, Don't Starve, Project Zomboid, and Enshrouded. 

  • Don't mind me, just dropping in for the recommendations. Thanks. 

  • 7 Days to Die absolutely has me hooked. The Alpha 21 updates are fantastic and the mod community is really strong as well. I highly recommend it and also recommend checking out Guns Nerds and Steel on YouTube to see it in action and maybe give you a few tips on gameplay basics. 

  • Planet Crafter is a great builder game that is about to go multiplayer this year.   

    Minecraft just doubled in size.   I am playing it on experimental.   They added 64 blocks higher and 64 deeper.    This classic will always be one of the greatest.

  • Tribes of Midgard is an older/dumbed-down version of Valheim. It's an iso survival game with the same theme. 

  • You can try Fractured Veil, just release these past month. The game is a survival and a builder.


  • Project Zomboid is pretty hardcore but has the most replay value in my opinion.

  • ARK: Survival Evolved is a really good survival/builder game with really good graphics and gameplay objectives. Highly recommend.

  • I haven't played any games of this genre but I enjoy seeing the ever growing list for future investigation.

  • Just checking things out.  I have never really looked into these types of games.