VERY early game of the year predictions

With the 2nd month of the year 2024 almost at an end, what is the "game of the year" thus far?

Something viral like Palworld, a new DMC/expansion, a new game on the block, or more single-player developed games like Rebirth?

  • I wouldn't say any of the games are in the "GOTY" category yet. But by end of year, I'm guessing:

    • Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 
    • Dragon’s Dogma 2
    • Avowed
    • and maybe Greedfall 2 
  • I honestly don't know I am waiting to see what else may come out before making any predictions

  • Too early to say but a wild guess would be Dragon's Dogma 2.

  • I will know more in a day or two but Pacific Drive looks really great. The early reviews are sound amazing too. I’m also thinking Enshrouded looks really cool and the demo Wars fun. 

  • I am thinking of some games that could be in the GOTY category. Dragons Dogma 2, Hades 2, and maybe Metaphor: ReFantazio

  • my bet is on FFVII Rebirth

  • My guess would be either Helldivers 2 or Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth which will be out very soon. Nothing else that has released up until now except Helldivers 2 is really game of the year quality in my opinion. I think the Elden Ring expansion releasing in June will be phenomenal but it is considered dlc even though it could be bigger than some shorter games.

  • Ff7 rebirth. It looks like the game everyone wanted remake to be. The whole open world aspect, great graphics, improved combat and interesting story are going to be amazing. Especially the open world though, which is a huge staple for rpg games and exploration.